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My ceremonies are like me - natural, authentic, creative, and fun.

I'm a total pushover for dogs, babies, and one too many coffees;

and my superpower is crafting sentences that spark laughs and happy tears,

setting the vibe for the rest of your Day.  ​

Born in South Africa and now living in gorgeous Gippsland,

my accent is all but gone but some ask if I'm a Kiwi or a Pom!


My interest in people, their hearts and their relationships is why

I enjoy creating ceremonies that twang at the heartstrings; a privilege

I enjoyed  as a Counsellor and Teacher too.   


I enjoy a chat, preferably over a cuppa , G&T or a glass of Red.

I also love writing stories, spoiling our rescue greyhound, Hazel

and exploring new places with an eye out for great elopement spots.


Call me the full monty  'Rosemarie' or my preferred Rose...

and I'll be over the moon to be part of your intimate ceremony, elopement,

or larger gathering, just as I would for your destination event.

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